Teresa Comey and Influencing Leadership delivers professional services from facilitation, coaching to leadership and staff development.
Growing Individual Potential


A clearer sense of self-concept is the first step in personal and professional leadership development. Through a variety of workshops and coaching, we can help you and your staff develop the interpersonal and team skills that will improve relationships, enhance communication, resolve conflict and develop authentic communication. 

Watch Teresa Comey deliver a Mentoring workshop for CPHR BC.

What's next? Creating your Future

What is next for your organization, for you personally? To be ready to meet the future you need to know where you are going, and why you want to be there.  From strategic planning for your organization, to exploring your personal future we can help you define a meaningful opportunities and purpose and develop a framework to get you there. 

Facilitating Groups and Teams


Through a designed and facilitated process your team can have skillful discussions that help move you toward clarity and shared understanding. Bring groups, communities and stakeholders together to have bolder conversations that move you forward. 

Coaching teams through the stages to team development, and helping them develop shared goals and team commitment. 

Systems & Culture 


Imagine the impact you can have by being able to read what is going on within yourself, others and the wider organization. Based on the work of Barry Oshry and his work Seeing Systems, bring systems and cultural literacy to your organization.  Learn how to recognize predictable patterns that limit performance, and how to increase your presence, personal impact and create real change in your organization.